Genoray Portview (Size 2) Intraoral Sensor




Genoray Portview (Size 2) Intraoral Sensor

  • The Genoray PortView is a CMOS area image sensor developed for digital dental X-ray imaging with 2.2 megapixels (1,300 x 1,700) and a monitoring photodiode for detecting X-ray irradiation.
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • The PortView supports USB 2.0 and is designed to be dust and waterproof, with a fiber optic plate (FOP) used as the input window to ensure high image quality and long sensor life even under exposure to X-rays.
  • It is available in two sizes and features high-resolution imaging with a 19-micron pixel providing an outstanding image, high-performance x-ray conversion layers, and a clear image.
  • The PortView is designed to be ergonomic, with rounded corners for patient comfort, and is reliable with an easy plug-and-play system, a sealed cord to protect against fluids and contaminants, and vertical bitewings providing bounded strain relief.
  • Additionally, the PortView allows for a wide range of exposure with automatic electronic gain control.

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