Genoray Portview (Size 1) Intraoral Sensor




The Genoray PortView (Size 1) is a CMOS area image sensor specifically designed for digital dental X-ray imaging. It boasts high-resolution imaging capabilities with 2.2 megapixels (1,300 x 1,700) and a monitoring photodiode for detecting X-ray irradiation. The PortView supports USB 2.0 and is built to be dust and waterproof. Its fiber optic plate (FOP) input window ensures long sensor life and high image quality even under X-ray exposure. Available in two sizes, the PortView is ergonomic, reliable, and provides outstanding imaging results.


  • 2 year parts warranty
  • High-Resolution Imaging
    • High-end CMOS resolution with the guaranteed best penny test
    • 19-micron pixel size for outstanding image quality
    • High-performance X-ray conversion layers for uncompromised image quality
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Rounded corners for patient comfort
  • Reliable Performance
    • Plug-and-play sensor directly to PC
    • Sealed cord protects against fluids and contaminants
    • Vertical bitewings provide bounded strain relief for safe use
  • Wide Range of Exposure

Genoray Portview Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor Size 1

Genoray Portview Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor

Genoray Portview Digital Dental Intra-Oral Sensor

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