Genoray 2D PAPAYA Plus (Pan + Ceph)




Genoray 2D PAPAYA (Pan + Ceph)

  • 2-year labor warranty
  • 5-year parts warranty

Features of Genoray Papaya Imaging System:

Patient Positioning:

  • Stable patient positioning with 3 laser guides
  • Outstanding adjustment can lessen artifacts for favorable diagnosis

Open Positioning:

  • Easy positioning with open-face architecture
  • Calm experience for patients without claustrophobic feelings

Folding Structure:

  • Foldable structure and light weight enable fast and easy installation


  • Users can browse between panoramic images and select the most suitable one for diagnosis

75um Resolution ENDO Mode:

  • The smallest FOV includes also endo resolution (75µm) for the accuracy needed in endodontics
  • Ideal for endodontics and other cases with small anatomical details
  • 75um resolution @4x5CM for more detail and confidence

2Sec Ceph (plus):

  • Innovative sensor technology acquires a cephalometric image in just 2 seconds
  • Prevents patient movement and increases image quality

Various Panoramic Programs:

  • Supports 8 panoramic programs, including standard, orthogonal bitewing, TMJ lateral, TMJ PA, TMJ LAT-PA, Sinus lateral (Mid), child panoramic, and partial arch scans
  • Available programs allow patient dose reduction


  • FOV location can be controlled easily and accurately with PAPAYA 3D
  • Capability to alter FOV height or width smoothly accomplished with PAPAYA OP
  • Two-dimensional scout images prior to the actual CBCT examination enable verification of the exact FOV location with the ability to adjust the location and size if needed

Model Scanning:

  • PAPAYA 3D (+) can scan both impressions and plaster casts
  • Digitized models by STL format are available immediately and stored for later use, reducing the need to make or maintain physical plaster casts

5 Versatile FOV Selection:

  • Versatile selection of volumes and available resolutions
  • Precise and free positioning of the volume
  • Choose the smallest possible volume along with the appropriate resolution based on the indication

Share Your Images with Ease:

  • Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture
  • Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs

Proactive Maintenance Service:

  • Latest IoT technology enables proactive customer service
  • GMS (Genoray Management System) provides real-time service through equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a service team


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