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Adjusts to your needs: The Orthoralix 9200 DDE’s space efficient footprint and comfortable positioning features make the system easy to access and utilize. The support of ceph sensor module can be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate operation in reduced spaces. For the Latero-lateral view, a special precision soft tissue filter is supplied which easily adapts to any patient’s facial profile.

The system has:

  • Three laser positioning beams
  • Fingertip controlled motorized column
  • Three point patient positioning system


Panoramic and Cephalometric System Market Leading Digital Performance! The Orthoralix 9200 DDE combines advanced imaging features with the latest generation of CCD sensor technology. The Orthoralix 9200 DDE direct digital pan/ceph systems delivers maximum diagnostic image quality at a cost that leaves higher-priced competitors out of the picture. The advanced kinematics system provides an elaborate image path, maximizing panoramic image quality. In contrast to conventional cam-driven mechanical systems, the Orthoralix 9200’s robotic mechanism captures patients’ anatomy accurately over a wider range of patient profiles. The result is a more efficient diagnosis of pathology and improved productivity for your practice. Precise imaging State of the art sensor: The Orthoralix 9200 DDE’s new sensor replaces the traditional film cassette, eliminating the expense and hassle of a processor, film and chemicals. The Orthoralix 9200 DDE acquires high resolution panoramic, dento-maxillo-facial, transcan and cephalometric images in real time and allows a reduction of the patient dose of up to 70% compared with traditional film. The Orthoralix offers precise imaging with the following features: First panoramic controlled path Motion path which keeps diagnostic details in focus Accurately captures patient’s anatomy over a wide range of patient profiles. Includes: * ONE YEAR WARRANTY * INSTALLATION * TRAININING * WITHIN THE THREE COUNTY AREAS DAVE, BROWARD AND THE PALM BEACHES SOUTH FLORIDA Any other area please call for a quote