The GX-770 is ideal for a variety leaves the operatory prior to takof installation configurations. ing the exposure. Gendex provides This includes installing the sys- two ways to accomplish this. The tem to have the tubehead pass lighted push button can be between two operatories and installed outside the operatory. having one X-ray system do the Pressing the button will begin the work of two! As important as exposure and a light will give an the reach of the suspension arm indication that the X-ray is being is its stability. The all metal sus- produced. If you wish to have the pension arm of the GX-770 ability to also set the exposure allows positioning the tubehead time outside the room, a full feawithout any bouncing or after ture remote station kit is available. movement during the exposure.



By incorporating the latest in microprocessor technology, the accuracy of exposure times and X-ray output can be assured. The exposure time can be displayed in impulses or decimal settings. The GX-770 also incorporates a unique automatic line voltage compensation circuitry to provide70 kVp output every time. This gives you consistent radiographic density under virtually any voltage condition. Gendex manufactures the complete GX-770 system including the X-ray tube. By doing so, we can control the quality, accuracy and specifications of the tube. The focal spot on the GX-770 is only 0.6mm as compared to 0.7 mm,0.8 mm, or even 1.0 mm on some other units. The smaller the focal spot, the sharper the resolution. The GX-770 images provide the ideal combination of high contrast and sharp images. Includes: Delivery* Installation* Training * WITHIN THE THREE COUNTY AREAS DAVE, BROWARD AND THE PALM BEACHES SOUTH FLORIDA Any other area please call for a quote.