RAYSCAN Studio 20




RAYSCAN Studio 3D CBCT 20 and Studio 20 SC models

Key Features:

  • The latest addition to the Alpha series with the BIGGEST FOV yet
  • 20×20 ‘Non-Stitch’ FOV
  • 3D Facial Scan
  • 3D Smile Design
  • Visible Light Guide
  • Fastest Recon Time
  • Real-time IoT Service

The Alpha Studio 20×20 builds on the success of the popular Alpha platform with a larger, upgraded CMOS sensor to bring more focus than ever before. It offers a FREE FOV ranging from 4 x 3 to 20 x 20, an industry-first light guide & remote control, and ultra-fast scan/reconstruction times. This device is designed for surgeons needing an extended FOV for advanced treatments including TMJ and airway analysis. It’s a perfect solution for maxillofacial oral surgeons.

Real-time IoT Service: “RAYGUARD” the Ray IoT service has your back! Remote support service provides real-time health checks and preventive alerts, and remote upgrades for the latest software and firmware so your Alpha Plus always performs at its optimum level.


  • Preset FOVs: 4 x 3, 5 x 5, 10 x 8, 16 x 10, and 20 x 20
  • CUSTOM FOV between 4 x 3 and 20 x 20
  • Automatic MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)
  • 10-Year Sensor & Generator Warranty