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Vatech PAX-Primo

The PaX-Primo is the industry leading, all-inclusive
panoramic imaging unit. Featuring bitewing, TMJ, and
sinus modes, Primo’s versatility is only surpassed by
its engineering: robust construction, exceptional image
quality and multiple ease-of-use features.


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SUPERB PANORAMIC IMAGING The revolutionary CMOS pano sensor obtains great panoramic images in less than 10 seconds. SUPERIOR IMAGING – REGARDLESS OF PATIENT POSITIONING AND ARCH TYPE The quality of a panoramic image is heavily influenced by the position of the patient. Using Intelligent Mode with auto-focus technology, great images can be obtained regardless of the patient’s position and size of the dental arch. Available on the Primo (i). STREAMLINE YOUR WORKFLOW The Pax-Primo has a small footprint, making it a perfect fit in any standard X-ray room. Side loading of the patient allows for a direct frontal view, making positioning easy and accurate. The built-in USB port makes data transfer easy. Data can be saved to external sources and transferred to a remote computer, and a built-in Ethernet port allows for easy network integration. IN-ROOM SYSTEM OPERATION The LCD touch panel enables you to operate the PaX-Primo right next to the patient. Patient positioning, capture mode selection, and storage of images are all possible through the LCD touch panel. Master


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